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Here's a Hinny :P Not my best XD

I turn my broom quickly around, only to have a well-aimed bludger collide into the side of my head. I blink, momentarily dazed, before I shake the blurriness away and spot a certain red-head speeding my way. I quickly aim the front of the broom down, diving to avoid her.
"You're not getting me this time,Weasley! And that's Captain to you!"
She laughs at my words, before following my example and diving down to meet me. However, her Cleansweep is no match for my Firebolt and I easily outstrip her by a few metres.
"Ready to surrender?"
I turn and smile at her, confident that I've won this round. She smiles back at me before a flash of mischief appears in her eyes and she quickly pulls her broom up, soaring above me. 
"Not a chance! Captain!"
I blink in confusion and follow her ascent before turning my head back, just in time to spot a bludger, hurled at me by another red-head. I quickly duck out of the way but I'm a little too slow and it hits the back of my broom, causing me to lose speed and swerve slightly out of control.
"Oi, Fred! You're supposed to be aiming at the Chaser too, y'know!"
He chuckles, before apologising in a mocking tone and flying off in search of his sister.
I search the skies for any sign of Ginny but I can't spot anything. So much for being one of the best seekers in history. Suddenly I feel something behind me, and I turn my broom around sharply, coming face to face with an out of control red blur.
This is going to hurt...Was the last thing I thought of before a mass of broomstick and human collided into me, knocking the wind out of me. We both fell out of the sky, a tangled mass of limbs and wood, heading straight for the ground. Fortunately the hard grass field broke my fall, and I broke Ginny's. Fantastic.
Wincing in pain, I gingerly sit up, looking down at the red-haired girl whose face is currently buried into my chest. Blushing slightly at the awkward position we've been placed in, I clear my throat and smile slightly.
"I'm going to go ahead and say that you've won this round of Quidditch Tag and damn near killed the Captain, doing it."
She giggles and I chuckle deeply, before she raises her head and smiles at me, her beautiful eyes glinting in the afternoon sun. My heart skips a beat, and I struggle to maintain my relaxed composure. Is it normal to look at a person's lips when they're talking?
"Yup! I win this round, Harry!"
Well of course it's normal...Where else are you supposed to look, if you're not going to look at those gorgeous lips that seem to be even more tempting at such a close distance...
I silently wondered whether everyone smelt this good, after being half buried in soil and sand. The smell of Ginny was making me woozy and I could feel myself unconsciously leaning in closer, and surprisingly she wasn't pulling away.
She's blushing, I realise as I lean in closer, I smile slightly when she says my name. She says it in such a hesitant manner, so unlike the brazen, outgoing and charismatic girl that I've grown to love. But I like this shy side of her too. This shy side, that only I should have the honour of witnessing.
Our lips finally meet in a sweet union, and the pain in my ribs slowly ebbs away, replaced by an indescribable feeling of pure happiness. I pull away, grinning widely and looking down at the beautiful girl in my arms.
"Yeah you definitely have won..."
I'm about to say something cheesy,like my heart before our 'private' moment is rudely interrupted.
"Oi! You two! We still have a game going on here! Stop making out and do something you're good at. Flying!"
Ginny grumbles into my chest before sighing in frustration.
"I'm going to kill Fred, one day."
I chuckle before ruffling her hair and slowly getting up, helping her up  as well.
"Leave the homicidal urges until after the game, Ginny."

Druna! To rid the journal of teh wangst :P

Her screams penetrate the very essence of my being.
I can hear them even in my dreams...When I'm awake, they echo through the hallways. How long must I endure this torture? How long...must she continue too suffer...
She knows nothing...I tell them this but they ignore me.

"Taking pity on an old classmate, Draco?"
My father's question lingers in the air. I shrug away his cold gaze and turn
"She's just a foolish girl, father...She doesn't know where Potter is."
"Draco...It's not wise of you to show weakness, like this...especially in front of our 'guests'"
He gestures to my aunt, and her cronies, too deep in their conversation to note our existence. Probably discussing their latest torture method, I shudder involuntarily at the thought.

"...Yes, father."

I bow stiffly, and take my leave, hoping to rid myself of the torturous memories by taking a brisk walk around the grounds.
I breathe in the forest air, glad for once that father had chosen to built the Manor in the middle of nowhere, away from the bustling wizard villages and cities. 
In the silence, I contemplate my existence, what I have done...What I will do and what lies ahead of me....But my train of thought is derailed once more by her piercing screams, my heart tightens and I fight against my imminent breakdown. 
'Do not show weakness..'
My father's words echo in my head and steel my resolve, I bite the inside of my cheek and the pain allows me a few moments to clear my head.

I turn back to the manor, walking back to the place that causes my repetitive nightmares. Her screams grow louder, and louder as I walk through the halls of my manor, till I reach a door. Tentatively, I knock, my breath catches in my throat as her screams stop. I hear a shuffling, from behind the door, until it opens with an almost deafening sound and I am startled by the face of my 'dear' aunt, looming over me.
The crazed look she has in her eyes, confirms my worst fear, she's already started to have her 'fun'. I bite back my disgust, before sliding my features back into my familiar stoic mask.
She snaps at me, obviously annoyed by my interruption. The words are caught in my throat, I'm utterly scared out of my wits but I manage to croak out,
"I thought...I thought I'd come to see if you'd learnt anything about P-Potter."

Aunt Bella lets out a fiendish cackle when I stutter, before shaking her head in amusement and beckoning me inside.
I humbly step inside, my gaze locked down, terrified of what I might see if I raised it.
"We haven't...but perhaps you'd have more luck worming things out of her."
She laughs and mockingly bows, gesturing to the blonde-haired girl, bound to the wall. I have no choice but to look up and the look in her eyes, almost makes me lower my gaze right away.

She says my name hesitantly...softly...Almost as if she's unsure if I'm really there or I'm just a figment of her imagination. I try to communicate to her, the regret I feel, how horrible this is for me but I don't think she sees it. Her eyes...Her beautiful eyes have lost their shine, and soon the spark of recognition I once saw in them, gives way to fear.

"C'mon then Draco, we haven't got all day.."
I hesitate, before slowly raising my wand, aiming it at the girl before me. She smiles, that little half-smile of hers, the one that makes it seem like she's got a secret that noone else knows about and my heart pounds. 
Her eyes don't match her smile though, they are full of hurt...and betrayal...but also, maybe...I'm not sure if it's a figment of my imagination or not, but there's a spark of understanding in her eyes.
I slowly mouth sorry, at the girl who I once loved with all my heart before muttering an unforgivable word.


Fleurmione <3

Not my best work but something I came up with. Plus I love the pairing :)
I smirked slightly as I watched the bushy-haired brunette angrily argue with the red haired boy over what I assumed was the rights of house elves. The boy with the glasses seemed to be as amused by their childish antics as I was.
I giggled quietly to myself and decided to have some fun with them.
I sauntered over to the Gryffindor table, positioning myself behind the red haired boy, Ron,the girl called him.
He wasn't the one who caught my eye though, I was much more interested in the one they called Hermione. I cleared my throat, hoping to catch her attention.
She didn't notice me, neither did the boys. I frowned, as I was unaccustomed to being ignored. I spotted the shellfish stew in front of Ron and a spark of inspiration hit me.
"Excuse me, are you wanting ze bouillabaisse?'
Ron turned to face me and I could see that he had instantly fallen victim to my thrall, I sighed quietly, annoyed by his obvious lack of self control. The ginger continued to gape at me like I was some amazing creature in a zoo, I dismissed his foolish gaze and instead focused on the girl.
She had a fierce look on her face, as if I had offered up a challenge rather than a polite request. I raised an eyebrow at her, wondering why she was so threatened by me.
Looking at her angry expression and back at the dumbfounded boy, I suddenly understood something.She was with the ginger.
For some reason, I was saddened by this, but on closer inspection, I realised that the boy was obviously oblivious to her true feelings. I smiled at her which seemed to surprise her.
The boy with the glasses, Harry, gave me the bouillabaisse, I politely thanked him before turning my attention back to Hermione.
" 'Ermione, is it? I look forward to zeeing you again"
I flashed her another dazzling smile but she seemed to be only slightly phased by my thrall, my interest in her grew even more. I turned and walked away from the table, smiling happily. My visit to Hogwarts had just begun to get interesting.

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